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Cornerwise is a Code for Boston project that aims to make it easier to explore and visualize past, present, and pending changes to the built environment. For now, we're exploring better ways to show the contents of Somerville, MA's Reports and Decisions page.

In its current state, the project breaks more or less neatly into three pieces:

  • Somerville-specific code that ingests semi-structured data from the city's Reports and Decisions page and transforms it into searchable structured data.

  • A server that responds to queries over the imported proposal data

  • A client-side viewer


We welcome contributions from people of all skillsets. The best way to get involved is by coming to a Tuesday Hack Night and asking about the project. You can also take a look at our issues page to find unclaimed issues marked bite-sized or self-contained. These labels refer to issues that are, respectively, small or that require minimal familiarity with the existing codebase.

Getting Started

See the Setup file for full instructions on getting Cornerwise running locally.

Technologies used:

Related Projects:

  • Minimap for rendering map thumbnails in subscriber emails.
  • Cornerwise Scrapers, a collection of the scrapers that are configured by default.