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mobile frontend for helpsteps


This application is built with Ionic. First, you'll need to install Node.js, a JavaScript runtime that comes with npm, a package manager.

You will also need to have either Xcode, for iOS development, or Android Studio, for Android development. Both are available as free downloads.

Then, to install Ionic, run:

    npm install -g cordova ionic
    cd HelpSteps
    # For iOS development:
    cordova platform add ios
    # For Android development:
    cordova platform android
    cordova plugin add ionic-plugin-keyboard cordova-plugin-google-analytics
    cordova plugin add


To run the app in a simulator:

    ionic emulate --livereload <platform>

Where <platform> is either ios or android. Including the --livereload option will cause the app to refresh when you make changes.

If you want to specify a device to simulate other than the default (currently iPhone 6S for iOS), you can add a --target argument; e.g.:

    ionic emulate ios --target="iPhone-4S, 9.2"

(To find a list of device types available to your simulator, type ios-sim showdevicetypes at the terminal.)

To run the app on a device:

    ionic run <platform>

Interactive Development

Since Ionic uses a web view, you can connect to your running app using browser dev tools.


  • Launch Safari.
  • If you don't see a Develop menu item, go to Safari -> Settings and check "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
  • In the Develop menu, find "Simulator", if you're developing in the simulator, or the name of your device.
  • Select "index.html" under HelpSteps.html