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Plogalong is an app for iOS and Android designed to encourage new and existing ploggers to record the litter they pick up while walking, running, or exercising outdoors.

This is a project of Code for Boston. If you would like to get involved in helping us develop the app, join us at the next Hack Night, and we can help you get started.

We're in the beginning stages of development, but we have a very detailed Mockup.

Architectural Overview

This is a young project. We're still figuring out what the pieces are and how they'll fit together.

  • React-Native + Expo

  • State Manager (TBD)

  • Database (TBD)

  • Authentication (TBD)

Setup Instructions

  • Clone this repository

  • Node (>=10.x) -- ensure that you have a recent version installed

  • (iOS) Install Xcode This may take a while... why not go plogging for an hour?

  • (Android) Install Android Studio and create a virtual device

    See here for detailed instructions

  • Install node modules: yarn (NOTE: Do NOT use npm install or npm ci as packages like react-native-svg-transformer are not managed through npm and this results in conflicting dependencies and there by in errors)

  • Install Expo: sudo npm install expo-cli --global

  • In a terminal window, navigate to the root directory of your local clone of this repository. Type expo start to launch Metro bundler and Expo's browser-based developer tools.

  • While Expo runs, you can type a at the terminal to run the app in an Android emulator or i to run it in the iOS simulator; or you can use Expo's local web interface.

How to Contribute

Join us on the Code for Boston Slack. We're in the #plogalong channel.

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