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DEPRECATED. Deletion pending integration with our new repo, Cliff Effects.

Local development

The very first time you start working on this repository (repo), you'll have to clone to your local machine. To do so, open your terminal and type the following command in the folder where you want your local repo to live: git clone This will create a project named project-hope in the directory into which you typed the command. After that you type cd project-hope to get into that project folder so you can do further work.

In subsequent times, the workflow goes like this:

  • Pull any updates to branches you'll be working with to make sure your files are as current as possible: git pull origin
  • Create a new branch for yourself locally: git checkout -b your-branch-name
  • Make your changes
  • As you're making changes, feel free to stage (prep for saving) and commit (actually save) your changes as often as you'd like:
    • Stage all the changes you've made: git add .
    • Commit them: git commit -m 'Describe your change here'
  • Feel free to push (upload) to your remote branch as often as you'd like (so long as you're the only one pushing to/working on this branch): git push origin your-branch-name. Whenever you do this the online branch will be updated with those changes.
  • Someone can then do work on the other side, using pull requests to merge to the master branch of the project. If you're uncomfortable doing so, feel free to check with other team members.

If you wanna learn more see here:

Writing code

If you're writing code based on/connected to resources, please include comments in your code with links to the related documents. For example, a script for the Section 8 Housing Voucher program would include a link to the Trello card, to the google document where other resources, pseudo-code, etc. are located, and a link to relevant codepens:

// Section 8 Housing Voucher