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The Wilmington Property Dashboard, started at CodeAcross
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The Wilmington Property Dashboard, started at CodeAcross


npm install & bower install

Static file server

A local installation of Gulp provides a Node-based foundation for running development and build tasks.

The watch task serves the contents of the 'app' directory on http://localhost:8080/, and watches files for changes. Install Chrome's LiveReload extension to have the browser tab automatically refresh when files are changed.

npm run watch

Alternatively, the server (which is a local installation of node-static) and can be run on its own:

npm run server

Additional tasks can be included in the gulpfile.js. For further information about using Gulp, please refer to the Gulp website.

Unit tests

A local installation of Karma is used to run the JavaScript unit tests. Karma makes it easy to watch files and run unit tests in real browsers:

npm run watch-test

This is the recommended approach because the moment your unit tests start failing, you'll be notified in the terminal.

To run the unit tests just once in PhantomJS (for CI), you must install PhantomJS and then run:

npm test

For further information about configuring Karma, please refer to the Karma website.

Contributing to this project

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.

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