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Code for Boston cares about innovation and technology. It also cares about the ways it affects its surroundings.


This is a core Code for Boston project. For more information on our organization visit our website. For more information on our data visit our wiki

Why are we doing this?

  1. We want to contribute to the policy discussion about cost of living and possible displacement.
  2. We want to get to know our communities better.
  3. We like playing with data and maps.

For a full explanation and description of the project, visit our wiki page: Whats's this all about...


We are currently at the 1.0 milestone. The project is still in active development and there are features queued up for milestone 1.5 in the issues


Home page

How can I help?

Check out the research and brain storm that went into this first: hackpad.

If you have information or ideas that you think would be helpful, add it there.

On the tech side, we use "issues" to organize our work. Please head over to the wiki for instructions on how to use issues and get into the code.

The sections Getting Ungentry Set Up, and How to Help! will be most useful.


Ungentry is licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE file).