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VT Map Maker
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VT Map Maker

Check out the Github Page for the project.

This tool takes google spreadsheets and returns a statewide map.

Possible inputs include towns, counties, or point data (addresses or coordinates).


Map View

  • Map
  • attribute table
  • browse other maps
  • link to create your own map
  • consumable on phone
  • sharability baked in

Landing Page

  • standard map view plus relevant introductory stuff
  • maybe greater emphasis on browsing existing maps?

Create a Map

  • enter spreadsheet URL
  • process data
    • sync to server
    • determine if town, county, or point data
      • load and parse data in browser? on server?
    • pick value to map
    • pick attributes to include in table (maybe v2)
  • edit map styling
  • publish at URL
  • login needed

Phase 2 Ideas

  • optionally add census data to attribute table
  • fork a map

Lead Developers

Joe Di Stefano

Matt Parrilla

Want to help?

Check out the project issues for a rough to-do list and get in touch!

Set Up

  1. Install virtualenv

  2. Clone the repository

    $ git clone
  3. Create Virtual Environment in project

    $ cd vt-map-maker
    $ virtualenv venv
  4. Enter virtual environment

    $ source venv/bin/activate
  5. Install requirements

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Install grunt modules (read this if getting started with Grunt)

    $ cd app/static
    $ npm install
  7. Install javascript libraries (from app/static)

    $ bower install


To get grunt running in the background:

    $ cd app/static
    $ grunt

To run local server, get back to project root in a new terminal tab and run:

    $ python app/

The project will be viewable at

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