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Croatia's Open Data

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Open data priorities

See dashboard for datasets that need some love.

Datasets we got so far

Anyone can contribute datasets in this repo's 'master' branch. Once dataset is uploaded, you can also add it to our JKAN - Open Data Portal first independent lightweight Croatian open data portal.

Collection of datasets in this branch uses Frictionless Data Specification.

Frictionless Data is about removing the friction in working with data through the development of a set of tools, specifications, and best practices for publishing data. The heart of Frictionless Data is Data Package, a containerization format for any kind of data based on existing practices for publishing open-source software.

For more info about the project as a whole, please visit

Create and verify your datapackage.json at

How to contribute

You want to upload open data to this repository? Excellent! Read this guidelines on how to do this.

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