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SurPlusPlus is an app that shows exactly when and where there are surpluses of food, clothes, and other important (necessary for living) physical resources to more easily connect the supply and demand of surplus.
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Our approach to solving the problem

The aim of SurPlusPlus is to reduce food waste and other surplus resources, such as clothing, groceries, etc. by connecting grocery stores and other reatailers, food providers, such as corporations, hotels, events and catering, with those in need, such as food pantries, shelters, direct consumers, etc.

Examples of food waste apps

OLIO, Food for all, treatsure, and Food rescue US

What features are there?

Business App

  1. Basic CRUD - surplus providers to post their surplus
  2. Automatic Post expiration - surplus providers post will eventually get automatically removed after a time limit
  3. Email Login for surplus providers

Consumer App

  1. Push notifications - consumers notification when the food is on discount
  2. Showing nearby surplus - consumers can search and find based on proximity
  3. Email Login for consumers
  4. Ability to follow different surplus providers
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