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The Update CT will track past, current, and proposed legislation in Connecticut to identify, and ultimately, to predict, the effects of legislation in the state.
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The goals of this project are as follows:

  1. Visualize legislation (past, current, failed, and passed). Involving:

    • Creating a schema for intrepeting the goals of legislation
    • Grouping legislation
    • Mapping similar legislation on seperate time lines
    • Hosting this visualization on a website
  2. Make rough evaluations of the effectiveness of historical bills. Involving:

    • Scraping historical financial and social metrics
    • Adding an effectiveness score to the visualization in (1)
  3. Use data science to make forcasts of the effect of recent bills. Involving:

    • Not determined at this time.

Example visualization coming soon.

Reference data to be scraped:

Example document:

Note that most bills come with an OFA Fiscal Note. This will be the main target for interpreting historical legislation.

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