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Housing Insights

Bringing open data to affordable housing stakeholders.

This repository contains code for both and the AWS hosted API that feeds it. It is divided into two sections.

  1. docs/: A Jekyll-based static website that holds legacy information and front end code for the project. This folder must be named docs for the deployment configuration on GitHub Pages.
  2. back_end/: A python Flask application that collects and transforms raw data, loads data into a database, and runs an API for the front end to access data.

Overall, the back_end directory hass a Flask application that sends data to and from a Postgres database as seen below. See the README file in either for specific information about that portion of the project.

Tech Stack

Setting up your local environment

This project uses Docker and docker-compose to create a consistent environment for development and deployment. The onboarding page of housinginsights has detailed information on setting up the appropriate environment. There is currently no Docker image for the front end of the website - ask a front end team member or project lead for help setting up your local environment.


This project is published under an MIT license. By contributing code to this repo you are agreeing to make your work available to the public under the terms of this license.


Bringing open data to affordable housing decision makers in Washington DC. A D3/Javascript based website to visualize data related to affordable housing in Washington DC. Data processing with Python.




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