Open-source web application for use by community radio stations
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Table of Contents

What is Comrad?

Comrad is an open-source web application for use by community radio stations that helps with crucial show scheduling and playlist entry to organize all on air and streaming processes for hosts and DJ’s. There is an initial version of it in use at KGNU in Boulder, CO, but the system needs several feature and usability improvements to bring it to the point where other community radio stations can adopt it.

This fellowship will allow the building of Comrad 2.0, permitting a standalone open source distribution in English and Spanish that will greatly benefit the small to mid-sized community radios as well as the hundreds of budget limited Lower Power FM radios just taking to the air in the United States.

Waffle Board

Use the Waffle board for this repo to always know what to do next for your project!

Heroku Link

Contribution Guide

Here is what you need to know:

This project uses GitHub flow where updates are made on feature branches. Pull requests are submitted on those branches and reviewed before being merged.