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Affordable Housing is a broad subject, with many causes and solutions that vary depending on your location. In Durham North Carolina one of the main drivers to a lack of affordable housing is the large economic disparity of its citizens. Half of the city is a World class center for research and technology, while the other half is a recovering post industrial tobacco and textile mill town. Durham has been ranked one of the most affluent towns in America, based on income and affordability. However, it has also been ranked as having one of the
highest wage inequalities in America.

These contrast create a housing market the has the potential to become unaffordable for many of its citizens. This is what the Code for Durham Affordable Housing App with focus on first. Is the housing in Durham becoming unaffordable for many of its citizens? The App will utilize the cities property parcel data and Neighborhood Compass data to analyze the current and past cost of single family homes, as well as looking at the change in non-owner occupied homes.

The existing maps were derived using d3 and Vue, along with additional resources:

D3 Cartogram

D3 Vue examples

The data for the map was obtained from the NC OneMap and the Durham Neighborhood Compass.

Additional information on how to process these data sets go to the datahub data wrangling GitHub repository.

This application is currently configured to access data through a Django Rest Framework (DRF). For more information on how to setup and running the DRF for this project, go to the datahub-be GitHub repository.

Along with Vue, this application also utilizes the Quasar Framework. Further information on how to run setup and run a Quasar project is listed below.

Quasar App

A Quasar project

Build Setup

# install quasar globally, then
# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
$ quasar dev

# Or use npm to run dev server
$ npm run dev

# build for production with minification
$ quasar build

# lint code
$ quasar lint