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National Day of Civic Hacking 2016


Welcome! To get the WHY? and TECH overview, see the home page ("read me" document) of this repository. For tech setup, we should have development instances setup on the cloud for you to look at during the hackathon.

Citygram in RTP consists of two github projects:

  • The website, which this project is a fork of. It shows the user the website, it polls provider datasets (all the points on the maps), and it sends notifications via SMS or email to users. It is implemented in Ruby, using Sinatra, uses Twilio for SMS. Postgres database is used to store provider data.
  • The RTP citygram-connector. This projects polls various RTP data portals, scrapes city datasources, and provides data for to pull from. It also stores this data to provide more detailed reporting (at the moment, just maps). This is a PHP project, using the YII framework, backing to MongoDB.

See the dev setup section.


All tasks have been tagged with the skills you would likely need to work on the task (but feel free to explore any task, or pair up with someone with more experience).

You can click below and also see all the tasks in waffle to see tasks that are ready for you to tackle:

Stories in Ready

Citizens - Opinions Needed

These tasks need non-technical, organization, brain-storming, contacting someone, some copy writing, or just help thinking about the task at hand.

List of Opinion Tasks

Data Analysis

Some tasks need people to evaluate or find existing data sources. For these tasks you would: find the datasets, document the data columns, and check that the data is updated regularly.

List of Data Tasks


These tasks will require maybe a little HTML, some CSS, a maybe little Javascript.

List of Frontend Tasks


The backend tasks will likely need help from someone with a little Ruby under their belt.

List of Backend Tasks


These tasks will need someone who can find or make icons, and is familiar with CSS and hex coloring, or confidence organizing page layout and making a mockup.

List of Design Tasks

Developer Setup

There are two projects that make up RTP Citygram: the website (citygram project), and the data provider (citygram-connector).


Use these instructions.

Once the app works, you can prepopulate it with data using these instructions.


Use these instructions.

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