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Back End Service For Data Hub

Overview The datahub-be is a REST service for managing curated data for visualizations. It's expected to be partnered with datahub-fe, whcih will be the external web interface, but any front end could be used with this.

Planned endpoints (3-7-2017) are:

GET /health

Will respond with HEALTHY if the service and it's dependencies are up and running. Will return UNHEALTHY if the service or any of it's dependencies are down. Specific dependencies will be called out in the

POST /projects

body: {"name":"ABC"}

Create a project space for showing visualizations. The first space is expected to be "Affordable Housing".

GET /projects

Responds with a list of all projects


GET /projects/{projectId}

Responds with a specific project


Getting up and running:

  1. clone this repo
    1. cd ~/codefordurham
    2. clone
  2. set up the postgres db
    1. start server: pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres -l /usr/local/var/postgres/server.log start
    2. create database: createdb datahub
    3. enter db: psql datahub
    4. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS projects (id int, name text, mtime timestamp, ctime timestamp);
  3. start up the service
    1. cd ~/codefordurham/datahub-be
    2. virtualenv env
    3. source env/bin/activate
    4. pip install -r requirements.txt
    5. python makemigrations
    6. python migrate
    7. python runserver

Currently datahub-be has three datasets, both part of the affordable housing project. To get the data for this project got to the Data Wrangling GitHub repository at:

and follow the instructions. You will need to run the datahub_ingest.bin file, which contains a series of psql command that ingest data into datahub-be.