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Toilets for the Disabled in Frankfurt

Currently there's a scraper, getting detailed data on over 1770 locations with accessible toilets.

And a deployed web app on that maps the data.

It uses a MongoDB database so make sure you have that installed if you want to work with the data.

The plan is to extend the project with a dedicated mobile app and to push the data into

Next/open steps:

  • make the filters actually do something
  • Pushing the data to OSM via their API
  • App for spotting
  • Web API for accepting POIs spotted by the API

Currently the index.html gets its data from the deployed web app on [](https://tftd This is so you can develop features right away without having to scrape and geocode to get started.

The ruby scraper and server however are currently configured to use the local database. See lib/database.rb to change that. If you want the map to show your local data as well set the jsonURL variable in index.html to simply spots and it will get the data from your local ruby webserver and MongoDB.

Deployment is handled via heroku, send me a pull request if you want me to deploy a feature or bugfix.

Developing on the web app only

cd website
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 4567 # or any other local HTTP server, but only port 4567 is allowed per CORS
# open http://localhost:4567 in your browser 

Install (when you want to scrape or serve data locally)

You need Ruby

gem install bundler

# inside the project dir
bundle install


Run the scraper with


or the following if you want the count for each key

	SAVE_COUNT=true rake


ruby server.rb