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The curriculum used for Code for fun's Hack Highschool program.
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H2S Large Logo


Hack Highschool is a program hosted every Saturday in Fremont, CA. We hope by sharing our curriculum these materials may be of use to other educators everywhere. For example you can use these projects in the classroom in the suggested order, or simply pick and choose the material you'd like to add to your curriculum.

We love feedback! We want the best for our students, so please feel free to make suggestions using Github's Issue tracker.

Project Based

Our lessons are project based, which means the students get hands on experience on real projects. Being able to create something tangible with a sense of ownership helps the students feel more motivated.

Our method is to gamify these projects -- each project gives students EXP to help them level up. It gives the students and parents a sense of progress and sparks friendly competition. This is thanks to the platform provided by 42 that is used on campus.


Grading Scales

Peer-to-Peer review is a great way for students to work together, practice explaining their work, and reinforce concepts. The grading scales provided can be used as worksheets for students to grade each other.

Our method is for these student-given grades to be averaged to create their score. To avoid students simply giving each other 100% we verify the scores-- via unit test scoring, mentor oversight, reminding students of the skills gained from code review, and holding them accountable if the scores given don't make sense. Teaching students to be accountable for what they learn is a large part of our culture.

Suggested Order

H2S Flowchart

All students start out at the same basics of Python, then can branch out into the options they wish to work on.

  1. Hello 42
  2. Parseltongue
  3. Command line game
  4. Intro to OOP
  5. Pygame
  6. Then, multiple options:
  1. AP CSP & AP Java are separate tracks from the beginning which do not have any prerequisite.


Creative Commons

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


42 Silicon Valley Code For Fun

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