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Upstate / Greenville, SC Tech Organization Events API Service

This Python + Pipenv + Flask application provides an endpoint to return event data for all organizations listed in the organizations API if they host events on:

Meeting services currently not supported: Facebook, Nvite, Open Collective, and custom websites.

If your organization is not included, then connect with us by commenting on one of the issues.

Examples Applications

The events listed on supported evebt services are pulled, combined, and re-published in JSON format or JSON+LD every hour at our Events API endpoint. Additional filtering options are described below.

Contributing to and Running the Application

There are three ways to run the appliation (locally, locally with Docker, and web server), but start by reading our

Interacting with the API

By default, results are returned in JSON format. If an Accept: application/json+ld header is sent to the API, then it will reply with Event markup in JSON+LD format.

The format of the JSON that returns is:

"event_name": "Code For Greenville Work Night",
"group_name": "Code for Greenville",
"group_url": '',
"venue": null,
"url": "",
"time": "2023-05-02T22:00:00Z",
"tags": "1",
"rsvp_count": 0,
"created_at": "2021-05-27T02:26:52Z",
"description": "Come and Design, Write Copy, Hack on the Code for Greenville Projects. If you are attending for the first time, we'll have an organizer to explain the active projects. ",
"uuid": "9a1c536a-c0a8-4886-b327-435ec1382dd7",
"nid": "7",
"data_as_of": "2022-05-20T02:40:11Z",
"status": "upcoming",
"service_id": "qwpbksyfchbdb",
"service": "meetup"


  • Kudos to @Nunie123 for the initial development
  • All timestamps are in UTC.
  • The event description fields may include HTML markup. This application does not sanitize those fields and it's unclear if the upstream source should be trusted, so sanitize any output to avoid malicious XSS.


API for Greenville Tech Calendar events







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