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Gamified app to acknowledge and to reward brigade member contributions, to keep everyone in the loop, to encourage team collaboration.
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Gamified app to acknowledge and to reward brigade member contributions, to encourage team collaboration. This will likely become a module in Projects Hub:

Gamification Design Framework

Brigade Objectives

  1. Deliver usable apps/products
  2. Retain contributors
  • Acknowledge and reward brigade member contributions.
  • Increase collaboration within team, across teams.
  • Find a good fit for skills and team needs.
  • Create friendly competition among teams.
  • Encourage participation in both meetups and contribution away from meetups
  1. Ease new member onboarding
  • Online
  • At meetup
  1. Bring new members (Increase brigade exposure)
  • Friend referral
  • Online and offline marketing
  1. Widen pipeline of ideas and projects (quantity has quality of its own)
  2. Good times for all


Brigade members are both competitive (mostly coders) and cooperative (mostly noncoders). The nature of civic, community hacking encourages cooperation. Age ranges from 25 y.o. to 60 y.o. Most of the newcomers are not familiar with GitHub. Many have deep knowledge of specific area and would like to expand their skills in adjacent fields. The reasons why they participate range from doing good for community, to meeting driven people (finding a team), to personal growth (applying and expanding skillset), to founding a startup.

Team profile wireframe

team journey wireframe

Brigade member profile

player journey wireframe

Target Behaviors

Emphasis on cooperation within team and competition between teams seems to be the most appropriate approach for People Hub gamification.

  • Project delivered (product link)
  • Prototype online (GitHub link)
  • Mockup online (GitHub link)
  • Project defined -- objectives, user research, user profiles, stories, blockers defined (color boxes in Projects Hub)
  • Code written (GitHub code commit)
  • Issues submitted (GitHub -- subdivision by label [design, research,...]?)
  • Issues closed (GitHub -- subdivision by label [design, research,...]?)
  • Meetups attended (login/checkin to People Hub)
  • GitHub proficiency acquired (GitHub login, GitHub issues contributed, repo added)
  • Mentorship, GitHub- or Team-specific (online discussion at People Hub team pages)
  • Kudos given (People Hub)
  • Team page contribution -- content, design, Vine video... (People Hub)
  • Friend referrals (People Hub)
  • Marketing (Twitter, FB,, Linked In, ) (People Hub?)
  • Running meetup

Activity Loops

Engagement Loops

  • Attend a meetup [3 times, a month, 3 months, a year]
  • Contribute code from home
  • Contribute issues from home
  • Contribute code every week for # months
  • Contribute/close GitHub issues for # months
  • Contribute code/issues to several projects
  • Discuss project on People Hub
  • Member of two or more teams
  • Bring/refer brigade member to meetup
  • Mentor a newbie
  • Teach GitHub intro (or solve GitHub intro as an issue)
  • Twit, contribute post at social websites
  • Endorse other players/player skills/projects (give badges or thumbs up)
  • Attend a NDOCH
  • Participation in coding event ((NDOCH) as a coder (People Hub)
  • Participation in coding event ((NDOCH) as an organizer (People Hub)

Project Coder Progression Loop

Join People Hub (login) - GitHub Know-How {Join GitHub - Join a project repo - Contribute code [kind of code, how much code (frequency, volume)] - Contribute issue [separate - Contribute code/issue in another team/brigade]} - Contribute project idea - Start new project - Lead a project {reward: Join a core team [project leaders should become members of core team]}.

Team Player Progression Loop

Join People Hub (login) - Fill Profile (skills, interests: apply skills, contribute to civic society, meet driven people, improve government, free food on Monday) - Join a team/project - Contribute to team page [comment/upvote comment/image/Vine] - Respond to (fulfill) skill request - Mentor new member (project or GitHub know-how) - Lead a project - Join a core team [project leaders should become members of core team] - run a meetup - organize an event.

Project Progression Loop

Idea - Project definition - GitHub repo - - Issues - Code [frequency, lines, completion on-hold]

The Fun Part

Acknowledgment of social contribution, exploration, competition and social bonding should be sufficient reasons to participate even without Points and Badges rewards. That does not preclude using game elements in design.

  • Presenting team, project and players as journeymen.
  • Team formation similar to WOW (matching skills and needs).
  • Project teams can customize images/Vines representing team.
  • Group pic every meetup.
  • Badges (of 3 levels). Display collection of badges.


Web/mobile app Progress timelines for project, team and player.


Points given for:

  • Code commit - 100
  • Issue reported - 50
  • Online comments - 10
  • GitHub proficiency - 100
  • New project idea - 100
  • Starting new projects - 100
  • Meetup attendance - 10
  • Organizing event - 100
  • New member referral - 20
  • Mentorship - 100
  • Choose pizza toppings at next meetup
  • Member Since [date]
  • Prolific Coder
  • Has Issues
  • Idea Generator
  • GitHub Guru
  • Mentor
  • Captain
  • Event Organizer
  • Core team member
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