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Quick Notes

For now till we get some more content

An interesting article on storing addresses.

We should also look at House Facts and what they were proposing to store. I am not suggesting that we use the record layouts.


Not much of one yet.

  • Provision a GIS Server
  • Provision a ubuntu Server (on AWS) with Postgresql some instructions
  • Create an initial Database that will change many times
  • Load test address data to load is Land Bank Parcels from the PAT project.
  • Create some restfull API's
  • Regroup, change everything, and iterate.


The system will allow people to query information about one or more addresses.

The system will store the following information for an address/parcel:

  • Identifiers that other systems use to identify the address/parcel, KIVA PIN, County APN
  • Attributes of an address/parcel such as Census Tract, City Council District ...
  • Data about an address/parcel, amount paid in taxes, ...

It is intended to answer the following:

  • Get a normalized standard address, for example "210 W 19th Ter, Kansas City, MO" standard address might be "210 West 19th Terrace, Kansas City, MO, 64108"
  • Return selected identifiers, attributes, and data related to one or more address. This will allow for other
  • Get a list of addresses within a radius of a coordinate or other boundary.

In addition with the data we collect for the above we can return other information such as:

  • All addresses in a census tract
  • Census tracts that are in a neighborhood

Other considerations

  • How handle a large number of addresses being returned? Paging? CSV download only?
  • Do we want to handle addresses that merge into one and/or addresses that split into more than one.
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