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311 app Build Status

Docker Image

The city now has a pretty good site for vizualizing the 311 (and other open data) so you should check it out here:

Also, you can submit a 311 ticket online now!

This purpose of this project will now focus on working with the 311 data for data analysis use cases.

As a citizen,

  • I want to lookup info about my 311 request (by entering a reference # received from 311 or searching my previous history).
  • I want to visualize ticket types with bar charts (counts) and pie graphs (percentage).
  • I want to visualize the data on a map around me and filter and sort by ticket type, open/closed, date range.
  • I want to browse curated datasets before exploring the data myself (maybe showing less data that's more recent data will be useful; maybe by sharing my location, I can see more relevant data on a map zoomed to my address).
  • I want to see open requests near me.
  • I want to submit issues that integrate with the City's system (the city 311 system can notify the user).
  • I want the ability to choose the amount of information to share about myself (email required to submit ticket?)

Other nice to have features:

  • Commenting and upvoting on issues nearby me
  • Get notified about issues created by others (star/follow)
  • See filter of all issues a user has submitted (email required)
  • Map feature: Request per district (styled where color gets darker for more requests)
  • Frequency: analyze the frequency of 311 incidents (median time, types that stay open the longest, etc)


Ensure you have installed Node.js and Docker.

database setup

For local development, you can use Docker to setup the database

docker-compose up -d db

Then you can run the script to download the data and load it into the database.


If you are loading the data into a remote database, use environment variables to tell the script where to load:

NOLA311_DB_USER=nola311 \
NOLA311_DB_NAME=nola311 \ \
NOLA311_DB_PORT=5432 \

app setup

For local development, you can use Docker to run the application

docker-compose up -d app

some sample queries on the database

Login to the db with psql psql -h localhost -U nola311 and run some queries:

-- what are the top issues that people call about?
select issue_type, count(*) as num_calls
from nola311.calls
group by issue_type
order by num_calls desc;

-- which council district has the most calls?
select council_district, count(*) as num_calls
from nola311.calls
group by council_district
order by num_calls desc;

-- how many pothole calls have been opened and closed this year?
select ticket_status, count(*) as total
from nola311.calls
where issue_type = 'Pothole/Roadway Surface Repair'
and ticket_created_date_time >= '2018-01-01'::date
group by ticket_status;

--- dont forget to checkout the views
select *
from open_tickets_stats
where issue_type = 'Catch Basin Maintenance'
and year_created = '2018';
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