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Code For New Orleans (Static Site)

This repo is a Jekyll project for the Code for New Orleans static site to be hosted at It's just a single page right now and it copies over the site made by Ken done in Wordpress. We haven't added a blog or chosen any themes.

Everything from the wordpress site is prefixed with old_wordpress and the layout is called old_wordpress.html to allow easy transitioning into something custom.


Running Locally

You'll first need an up to date ruby and rubygems. Some systems (like OS X) come with ruby installed already. If you don't have ruby, you can read ruby installation instructions here.

A note to linux users: The stable ruby packages are often out of date. You may experience problems with a ruby below version 2.0.0. You may want to use an alternative respository with an up to date ruby.

To install the jekyll binary run:

gem install jekyll

This may require sudo privileges. After this, you should be able to cd to this directory and run:

jekyll serve

This will run a webserver on your localhost at port 4000. Point your browser to to see the site.

If you want changes to compile automatically, pass the --watch option:

jekyll serve --watch

For further learning on jekyll, see their documentation.


See the Contributing Guildlines.