allow people to use their sms to query inspection data
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well here we go, this was a PHP project but we (I) am changing it to django. I think I can hack something cool together in a couple of weeks. all the other team members abandoned it and never contacted me. No code was really ever contributed by them to this line, so I am going to reboot it on my own.

What will it do?

  • fast elastic search of inspection data
  • green yellow red filtering
  • works with location and senses android and ios for mobile version
  • maybe twilio SMS (TBD)

Restaurant Grading System

Green, Yellow and Red - those are the colors of the placards that will be posted at Alameda County retail food facilities (excluding City of Berkeley) effective July 1, 2012. The grading system is the latest enhancement to the Department's food safety program and will eventually impact the over 6000 food facilities in the County.

Pass (green), Conditional Pass (yellow), and Closed (red) placards will rank the food safety status of food facilities inspected after July 1, 2012. Initially, foodservice operations at restaurants, school cafeterias, healthcare facilities, commissaries, supermarkets and bakeries will receive placards after a routine inspection is conducted. Mobile food and prepackaged facilities will be posted later in the year. The placards are to be posted at or near the entrance of the facility in public view.