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A place to collect and discuss Code for OKC project ideas.
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Code for OKC Project Ideas

About Code for OKC

Code for OKC is a diverse group of community members helping innovate our local government and make OKC better using the open web. Volunteers include newbie and professional coders, designers, students, local government officials, and concerned residents.

We are an open source organization and aim to make software freely and openly available. GitHub is our platform of choice; think of it as collaboration + technology. There are some really handy tools here, including a feature called Issues.

Got an idea? Even a tiny one? SHARE IT!

Thanks for co-creating with us!

How To Propose or Discuss Project Ideas

GitHub Issues work just like any other commenting system on the Internet. First, you'll need to create an account. Then you have two options: (1) comment on an existing idea (a.k.a. "issue"), or (2) create a new idea.

If you see an idea that you're interested in, click on it, read the discussion, and then add your thoughts to the bottom of the discussion thread. If you don't see the idea you have in mind, add a new one. When you start a new issue there will be a pre-populated template with the main data points . Please fill it out and provide as much information as you can. Then, someone from the Code for OKC Core Team will respond, likely with some questions or feedback.

GitHub is the platform we're using to collect ideas, vet ideas, and convert those ideas into active projects. Once a project becomes active, a new repository on GitHub will be created where all subsequent conversations about that project will live. We'll continue to use the Issues feature to flag obstacles, opportunities, and answer questions about that specific project.

Here's a quick video intro on using Github Issues for discussion.

Project Stages

Code for America has released some official project stages:

  • Experiment - Explore the problem/idea. Have lots of these.
  • Alpha - Solve one person's problem
  • Beta - More users
  • Official - Impact

More details about these stages are available here: This includes outlining what a brigade is expected to do at each stage and what Code for America can do

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