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Hey team, If you know about someone coming to pitch an unconference session, can you please reply here with a general session topic/idea so I can list them on the schedule, Thanks!

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Hi there! In 2016, I've been working as the field research & technical lead for a small team focused on getting the Vacant to Vital project here in Raleigh stood up and underway.

Vacant to Vital (V2V) is all about facilitating the activation of under-utilized urban spaces by creating a place for land-owners and land-seekers to connect.

There was a proof-of concept done with ArcGIS by a grad student at NC State back in 2015, and this past Spring I sponsored and worked with a team of Ben Watson's NC State CS students to build a second prototype using ArcGIS and some mobile frameworks. Watson's prior class a couple of years ago included students who built RGreenway at a Raleigh CityCamp, and that project inspired our approach in the second round.

What I'd like to pitch to CityCamp is a third version that takes what we've done thus far (talking to stakeholders; doing interviews; walking Southeast Raleigh; talking to Wake Country GIS folks; building functional prototypes) and builds upon the excellent open-source Python + Django framework created by 596 Acres in NYC for their Living Lots tool.

I have a deck I can share to the room at CityCamp that recaps this prior work and lays out the path ahead. In short, we want to take the Living Lots framework, stand up a set of their apps for V2V Raleigh, and adjust the approach slightly for the fact that we're cataloging private land, not public land.

All these factors included (civic need, public data, OSS, NCSU, Food Corridor connection), I think this is a win project for CityCamp. Hit me up with any questions!

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I'll be pitching an Open Data Portals 101 for Non-Developers hands-on session for Friday afternoon if you want to put that on the website... Adam Martin


Wake County Economic Development and innovation initiatives with Derrick Minor and Michael Haley


I plan to pitch a session focused on exploring entrepreneurial opportunities by addressing social challenges in cities and towns immediately outside the Raleigh-Durham Metro Area, using Rocky Mount as an example.


If anyone wants a session focused on public finance/budget transparency, I'd be happy to assist with that.


Tobler's First Law: "everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things."

Government often shares data which covers the entire community - but citizens are most concerned with their own neighborhoods and locales. Geography, and modern GIS and mapping tools, can be amazing to understand the personal impact of complex issues.

Let's discuss tools, techniques, projects, and opportunities to use geography, maps and geospatial data to understand our communities.

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