Exploration of adding civic tech component to San Jose disaster response
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Local Development

  1. Clone repo git clone https://github.com/codeforsanjose/disaster-response-sj/tree/inital-web-app
  2. Install dependecies npm i
  3. Run application npm start


Inspired by civic tech volunteer responses to hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the goal of the disaster-response-sj project is to engage with San Jose's Office of Emergency Services to discuss how CfSJ can contribute to disaster response planning and execution.


  1. Gather information on existing system
  2. Determine pain points or missing pieces of existing system
  3. Look for existing tools to address #2


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San Jose

via @mthong:

City Council video and documentation

Agenda items 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 all relate to the flood response and future emergency management. I’d specifically recommend watching/listening to the City staff presentation and public comment (go to item 3.5 in the video index), or reading the staff memo for item 3.6.

See particularly Sec. 3.6 Memorandum; it's 130 pages total (!!) but the TL;DR is Appendix B and C.


Tools and Apps

Humanitarian Knowledge Base

^^ Comprehensive collection of relevant tools and organizations

note to self: add to KB https://www.projectptolemy.co https://disastersystems.org

the Irma-Response api

Willow's shelter needs flow chart


The Humanitarian Data Exchange

Standards (data formats and APIs)

OpenReferral (repo)

Human Services API (repo)



Community Emergency Response

example local Emergency Response

managing volunteers


Kevin Curry preso for NDoCH