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CodeforSeoul 2015 @Seoul


Alright, you've got a clean copy and are ready to push some schmancy pages for the world to ogle at.

  • Edit _config.yml to change your title, keywords, and description.
  • Create a new file in _posts/ called Edit it, and add:
  title: "home"
  bg: white     #defined in _config.yml, can use html color like '#010101'
  color: black  #text color
  style: center

  # Example headline!
  and so on..
  • Create a second post called with an divider image this time:
  title: "Art"
  bg: turquoise  #defined in _config.yml, can use html color like '#0fbfcf'
  color: white   #text color
  fa-icon: paint-brush

  #### A new section- oh the humanity!

Note: That part fa-icon: paint-brush will use a font-awesome icon of paint-brush. You can use any icon from this font-awesome icon directory.

  • install Jekyll with sudo gem install github-pages
  • run jekyll serve -w
  • Push changes and see them live!

Changing your colors

  • In each post file you can define bg: mycolor and color: myothercolor to change the background and text colors for that section.
  • mycolor can be a quoted html color like '#0fbfcf' or a key to a special color defined in _config.yml under 'colors'.
    • Note: Changes to _config.yml require a manual restart to your local server with ^C and jekyll serve -w.

Nifty, right!

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