Control a device using Cortana using JavaScript from end to end
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##Welcome to Command Monkey Command Monkey is like Tweet Monkey's older brother. Who's Tweet Monkey? Tweet Monkey is a hilariously simple maker project and you can get more info at codefoster/tweetmonkey.

Command Monkey and Tweet Monkey share the exact same hardware, but Command Monkey expands things out to let you learn how to write the server code and mobile code to animate the monkey with a client gesture (clicking a button, using a voice command, or whatever).

This is a reference project. Use it to learn. Use it to build something else. Use it for fun.

The repo you're looking at (codefoster/commandmonkey) is a root repo with a few submodules that you can clone separately if you'd like. Here's what's included...

  • commandmonkey-device for running on the actual device (assumes an Intel Edison for now)
  • commandmonkey-service for running in the server to listen for a command and speak down to the device
  • commandmonkey-ios for running on an iPhone to tell the service to tell the monkey to go :)
  • commandmonkey-wp81 for running on a Windows Phone for the same reason
  • commandmonkey-xplat (coming soon) for running on every mobile platform for the same reason!
  • ...and more to come!