Assets 2

This release has multiple improvements and bus fixes:

  • The is updated with more information about the project layout and Heroku troubleshooting instructions.
  • Several fixes are implemented in both in-memory and Cassandra data access function implementations.
  • Connection to Cassandra has optional user name and password.
  • A setting for the public URL (PUBLIC_URL) is added which can help with reverse proxies, https, etc.
  • User management is updated.
  • For authenticated users, the user name, and profile picture are displayed in a small menu opened by clicking on the user icon. The user icon is also filled in instead of outlined.
  • Date custom scalar GraphQL type is added.
  • Partially implemented, new user type Translaticiarum is added.
  • Upgraded to React 0.14.7.
  • Introduced the use of npm shrinkwrap in order to manage dependencies in deployment.
  • User interface and per-user setting is added for managing language preferences, partially implemented.