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+gps2exif - GPS-tagging of JPEG files
+gps2exif reads .gpx files and tags JPEG images according to the time they have
+been taken. It allows to fix image date/time and interpolates between GPS
+ gps2exif [-h] [--ref-img REF_IMAGE] [--ref-time REF_TIME]
+ [--shift-time SHIFT_TIME] [--gpx GPX] [--max-dist MTRS]
+ [--max-span SECS] [--ok-dist MTRS] [--ok-span SECS] [-n] [-v]
+General syntax
+You can give multiple .gpx file using the '--gpx FILE' switch multiple times.
+Give the names of the image files to be processed at the end of the command
+line. The switch '-n' will make a dry-run and not change any file. The '-v'
+switch increases verbosity.
+Fixing image date/time
+A precise date/time stored in the image's EXIF data is crucial for associating
+the GPS track with the image. gps2exif offers two mechanisms to fix the
+date/time stored in the JPEG files before looking up the GPS coorinates:
+- You can either give the name of a file and the correct date/time of the file.
+ gps2exif will calculate the time offset and apply it to all given images.
+ This is ideal if you took a photo of your GPS showing GPS time. The syntax
+ is '--ref-img REF_IMAGE --ref-time REF_TIME'. REF_TIME should be formatted
+ like '2011-10-22 14:42:07'.
+- Or if you know the time offset, you can give it via '--shift-time
+ SHIFT_TIME'. For example use '--shift-time=+1:09' to add 1 minute, 9 seconds
+ to the time of each image.
+Setting thresholds
+Under some circumstances GPS's do not store enough points to make a
+precise-enough guess about the location a photo was taken at. You can set the
+thresholds that control whether the GPS data is deemed good enough or not.
+The thresholds are checked on the two GPS points around the time your photo was
+taken: the last GPS point before and the first GPS point after the time of
+your photo. You can set thresholds on the time span and the distance between
+these two GPS points.
+With '--max-dist MTRS' and '--max-span SECS' you set hard thresholds. A photo
+will not be GPS-tagged if the two enclosing GPS points are more than MTRS
+meters or more than SECS seconds apart.
+With '--ok-dist MTRS' and '--ok-span SECS' you set the okay criteria. A photo
+will not be GPS-tagged if the two GPS enclosing points are neither closer than
+MTRS meter nor closer than SECS seconds.
+To GPS-tag a photo always both max criteria and at least one ok criterion must
+be met.

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