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So, you've decided to try Codefresh? Welcome on board!

Using this repository we'll help you get up to speed with basic functionality such as: building Docker images and pushing.

This project uses Node JS to build an application which will eventually become a distributable Docker image.

Looking around

In the root of this repository you'll find a file named codefresh.yml, this is our build descriptor and it describes the different steps that comprise our process. Let's quickly review the contents of this file:


To bake our application into a Docker image we use Codefresh's Build step.

The Build is a simplified abstraction over the Docker build command.

    title: Building Image
    type: build
    #Important: rename this image to to a valid repository in your registry. For example: myUserName/vote
    image_name: codefresh/example
    #Dockerfile location should be relative to the working directory
    dockerfile: Dockerfile

Use the image_name field to declare the name of the resulting image (don't forget to change the image owner name from codefreshdemo to your own!).


This is where it gets real! Let's use Codefresh's Launch Composition step to run our composition within Codefresh!

Launching compositions within Codefresh means you have your very own staging area, at a click of a button!

        title: Launch Composition
        type: launch-composition
        composition: docker-compose.yml
        environment_name: 'cf-example-launch-composition'
        entry_point: app

Using the composition field, we direct Codefresh to the location if the docker-compose file in our repository.

Once the Launch Composition step has completed successfully, you'll be able to review and share your running composition in the Environments page.

Now that we've gotten a grip on the flow, let's get cracking!

Using This Example

To use this example:

  • Fork this repository to your own [INSERT_SCM_SYSTEM (git, bitbucket)] account.
  • Log in to Codefresh using your [INSERT_SCM_SYSTEM (git, bitbucket)] account.
  • Click the Add Service button.
  • Select the forked repository.
  • Select the I have a Codefresh.yml file option.
  • Complete the wizard.
  • Rejoice!