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+title: "Programming, Motherfucker. Do you speak it?"
+author: Daniel
+<iframe class="youtube" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
+I'm a big fan of the [Agile Software Development Manifesto](
+I like the idea behind getting things done and collaborating with a client the whole
+way down in a project. But to be honest, collaborating with clients needs time, a lot of
+time. Sure, you want to give your clients a nice experience working with you and show
+them what their possibilities are and whats the best solution for them.
+But as I said, that needs time.
+And that time costs your customers money, and if you are honest, most of the time you already know
+what's best for them. The thing that really needs time is to convince them to use the best solution.
+Because most of the clients don't know what they want or need.
+And this is where the **[Programming, Motherfucker](** Manifesto comes in. The idea behind it is to
+throw unnecessary weight overboard and concentrate on the real shit: **Programming**.
+For instance: In the example above, don't collaborate to much with your clients. Say them what you think
+is best for them and don't let yourself control by the fear that you could loose those clients. You
+are the specialist. The man with expertise. You, and only you know what's the best solution for their problem. So tell them and sell them.
+And if they don't want you anymore, that's good for you. Because you don't have to waste your time on things you are not passionate about.
+You can save that time for clients you like to work for, for clients which will appreciate your knowledge, for
+clients which will enjoy that you deliver instead of just talking.
+So lets get started and do some **Programming, Motherfucker**.

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