Making music with Overtone.
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musical adventures

If you dare to, you can make music. Things might be quite a bit rough, because i didn't prepare it very well.

We're going to make music using overtone.


  • install Light Table
  • download and extract quick-make-music!
  • open Light Table and press Ctrl + Shift + o and open the file noise.clj from the extracted folder.

Now you should have a file open with lots of parentheses in it. That's because overtone is written in Clojure, which is a LISP, which means it has lots of parentheses that scare some programmers and also makes it a wonderful language for all kinds of things.

To evaluate (execute) code in that file, go to the line containing the code and press Ctrl + Enter. The first time you do that it will take a while, but when it finishes a little blue box should appear besides the line you evaluated.

Start by evaluating the very first line in noise.clj. (the one with (ns noise ... in it.)

After that, evaluate the other expressions in the file.

reading material

The overtone website has an overview.

The code in noise.clj is mostly from these two articles on the wiki.

There's also a cheatsheet with lots of funny names of functions on it that you can try out.

To view the documentation for a function, put the cursor over the function and press Ctrl + d.