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andrewluetgers opened this Issue Apr 24, 2013 · 6 comments


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it would be awesome to see the execution time for each function. For example I'm seeing a boatload of jQuery calls in my app but I have no idea what effect it has on the performance of the app. It would be sweet to be able to see how long the code it taking in this kind of view.

Really like this idea.


codegl commented Apr 24, 2013

Hi Guys,

So the thing about execution time and tracing is, that tracing is a rather resource intensive process and logging the time will not realisticly reflect runtime performance. A much better too for this is the Chrome profiler, which will sample your normal execution and show you what is taking time.
TraceGL is most useful to show you your 'code complexity' an what really is going on for understanding your code.
Perhaps if all i do is sample time on function calls its slightly more realistic, but even then functions with lots of small calls will quickly grow the overhead of sampling time. Perhaps if i know how much time taking a sample takes i can remove that from the samples. However its not something a tracer is specifically good at. A sampling profiler is much better.

scriby commented Apr 25, 2013

While the exact times won't be useful, the timings relative to one another would be. I think this could be useful in some instances...

jomnius commented May 10, 2013

How about just a count how many times a function has been called?

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