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A scraper that automatically downloads PDF invoices from utility vendors. That's it.

It will focus mainly on spanish vendors, but pull requests will be accepted to support as many vendors as possible.

For now it supports downloading invoices from:

  • Endesa
  • Vodafone (Spain)
  • Ono (Spain)
  • La Caixa (messages)


$ gem install autility


$ autility VENDOR --user USER --password PASSWORD [--month MONTH] [--output-folder OUTPUT_FOLDER]
$ autility --help
$ autility --help endesa
$ autility --help vodafone


Downloading the Endesa invoice for the current month:

$ autility endesa --user john --password doe

Downloading the Vodafone invoice for the past October and save it to ~/billing:

$ autility vodafone --user john --password doe --month 10 --output-folder ~/billing

Parsing the output

The output is simple, thus parseable by UNIX tools such as grep or awk. It looks like this:

Path: /Users/john/billing/vodafone_10_2011.pdf

For example, to open the file right after downloading it:

$ open `autility endesa --user john --password doe | grep Path: | awk '{print $2}'`


Released under the MIT License. Copyright 2011 Codegram Technologies