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== 3.0.5
Resolved confirmation field without validators bug issue #62
== 3.0.4
ActiveRecord Uniquness middleware fix for primary key [mat813]
Support for select helpers
== 3.0.3
Ignore generic block validators
Filter validators per form input
Case sensitive fix for MySQL
Always turn off HTML5 validations by forcing novalidate
== 3.0.2
Fixed conditional validator issue. Critical bug
== 3.0.1
Validators no longer rendered as attributes for HTML elements but as part of the settings JSON
Fixed single scope item bug with uniqueness validators
Fixed autofocus issue
Fixed validate_with, ignore all of them
Fixed issue with empty scope arrays on uniqueness validator
== 3.0.0
Includes all changes from 3.0.0.alpha.1 - 3.0.0.rc.2
== 3.0.0.rc.2
Includes all changes from 3.0.0.beta.7 - 3.0.0.beta.9
== 3.0.0.beta.9
Removed allow_blank for uniqueness
Namespaced middleware
== 3.0.0.beta.8
addError and removeError are not callbacks
test against more versions of jQuery
resolved issue 19, handling ranges with floats
Custom remote validators through middleware
Fixed tests for all browsers. Only the async tests are failing
in Firefox and IE. It can be ignored for now.
== 3.0.0.beta.7
Significant changes required a move back to beta
Don't require #new_record?
Moved applyErrorField to the element:valdiate:fail callback
Rewrote the Javascript to play nicer with jQuery
client-side-validations.js is now rails.validations.js
== 3.0.0.rc.1
Scopes on uniqeuness validator
== 3.0.0.beta.6
Renamed clientSideValidations.validator to clientSideValidations.validators
== 3.0.0.beta.5
Fixed load order issue with other form builders
Better ActiveRecord Uniqueness
JS Validator Callbacks
== 3.0.0.beta.4
Fix for lower case \z as Regex terminator
Reduce complecity of error wrapper rendering
SimpleForm and Formtastic javascript unit tests
Removed keyup events
== 3.0.0.beta.3
Custom form id
== 3.0.0.beta.2
Forgot to include javascript files in the gem
== 3.0.0.beta.1
Javascript file fixes
Added QUnit tests
Fixed some JS bugs found while writing QUnit tests
== 3.0.0.alpha.9
I'm an idiot. I yanked alpha.8 by mistake
== 3.0.0.alpha.8
Range JSON fix
Handle nested resources for uniqueness validator
Don't repeat validation if value hasn't changed
Fix for :on => :create & :on => :update
== 3.0.0.alpha.7
Regex JSON fix
Javascript Function metaprogramming fix
== 3.0.0.alpha.6
Fix for data-validators parsing
Fix for length Javscript validator
== 3.0.0.alpha.5
Formtastic support
== 3.0.0.alpha.4
fields_for now inherits :validate option from parent
SimpleForm support
Added adapters for error field detach and apply functions
== 3.0.0.alpha.3
Turn off client side validations per field
Support remote forms
Fix load order issue with conflicting gems
== 3.0.0.alpha.2
Ruby 1.8.7 support
== 3.0.0.alpha.1
Complete rewrite!