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Codegram dotfiles

These are the dotfiles we use at Codegram! The repo is heavily inspired on Ryan Bates' dotfiles, with the nice Rakefile and stuff.


git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
rake install

Using your own config along

These dotfiles require this file:


Here you can add your own mapping without risking to lose them when updating the repo :)


If you want to use emacs, you'll have to install Cask and pallet:

brew install cask

And now go to:


Go to your project directory and type this:

$ tmux

Keys to move around tmux:

* `\`o` (backtick and the letter o): Switch the current pane (split).
* `\`k`: Kill the current window.
* `\`c`: Create a new window (tab).
* `\`n`: Switch windows (tabs).

Looking for our vimfiles as well?

git clone ~/.vim
sh ~/.vim/

Read about our vim configuration, custom mappings and plugins on the repo readme!

Have fun! :)