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@@ -39,6 +39,26 @@ Or just run all the Ruby files (`**/*.rb`) without arguments:
+## Configuration
+You can use per-project configurations as per which lints to use and their
+configurations. Just put a `.pelusa.yml` file the root directory of your
+project, like this:
+ sources: lib/**/*.rb
+ lints:
+ InstanceVariables:
+ limit: 5
+ LineRestriction:
+ limit: 80
+ exclude:
+ - SomeClass
+ Properties:
+ enabled: false
+This allows you to disable lints, configure their variables, and exclude some
+classes from being analyzed by certain lints.
## About the default set of Lints
This project was born as an inspiration from [one of our Monday

2 comments on commit 3261f47

FYI the "exclude" option doesn't seem to do anything for any lint. A quick grep through the repo doesn't see it occur anywhere except here in the README.


solnic replied Mar 23, 2012

Right, I haven't added this yet :( I'll work on it during the weekend and send a PR

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