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=== 0.1.3 / 2012-03-22
+ Make keycode configurable (Roger Leite)
+ Switch to multi_json (Josh Buddy)
! Fix markup to make it work in more browsers
=== 0.1.2 / 2011-08-01
+ Change field name to avoid conflicts with other forms (Chris Apolzon)
+ Prevent visual flash of unstyled content (Rob Cameron)
+ Fix minor styling issues (Jeff Kreeftmeijer)
+ Avoid conflicts with libraries other than JQuery (Jo Liss)
=== 0.1.1 / 2011-07-27
! Fix bug with Content-Length not being calculated appropriately. (Corin Langosch)
+ Refactor JavaScript to avoid messing with prototypes (Corin Langosch)
=== 0.1.0 / 2011-07-27
+ The request object is now exposed in the console through #request method
+ Various UI enhancements
! Fix bug where Sandbox locals were much more than those defined by the user.
=== 0.0.5 / 2011-07-26
! Protection against CSRF attacks.
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