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Forum and Knowledgebase

Visit Slim's official forum and knowledge base at http://discourse.slimframework.com where you can find announcements, chat with fellow Slim users, ask questions, help others, or show off your cool Slim Framework apps.


Follow @slimphp on Twitter to receive the very latest news and updates about the framework.

IRC Chat

You can find me, Josh Lockhart, hanging out in the ##slim chat room during the day. Feel free to say hi, ask questions, or just hang out. If you're on a Mac, check out Colloquy; if you're on a PC, check out mIRC; if you're on Linux, I'm sure you already know what you're doing.

Road Map

Learn about upcoming features or read release notes for prior releases.

See the version 3.x Road Map


Slim is an open source project, and you are more than welcome to contribute your own improvements. Before you send a pull request, please read the official contributor's guide. All pull requests are expected to conform to the official Slim code style, code documentation, and unit testing guidelines.

Read the contributor's guide

Bug Reports

If you find a bug with either the develop or master branch, please create a new issue in the Issue Tracker. When you create a new issue, include as many details about the bug and code context as you can:

  • What was your code trying to accomplish?
  • Relevant snippet of your code
  • Error message
  • Line number
  • File name
  • Stack trace

View the Issue Tracker