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Complete Youtube channel on your website


Premium Version:


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2.1 features:

  • Added Load More button
  • Migrated to YouTube API v3
  • Improved Layout and Performance

2.0 features

  • columns for the videos can be customized (Example: you can now have a 3-column layout for the videos displayed.)
  • the widget itself is responsive; given a width (or %) for the widget, the inner contents will resize accordingly.
  • video player can be opened in the widget itself or in a lightbox.
  • a top featured video can be opened in the video player on load of the widget.
  • subscribe on youtube opens in a new tab.
  • parts of the plugin like header/tabs can be hidden as per requirement.

1.0 features:

  • displays your actual complete youtube channel on your website just like its shown on youtube.
  • youmax plugin will display your channel uploads, playlists and a featured playlist that you may choose.
  • users can browse through your playlists and uploads and watch videos they like.


Jake Handling


This plugin is available under the MIT licence under the condition that you cannot re-distribute the plugin.