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  1. The Codehaus recognizes that some committers, based upon metrics, longevity and appointed management, have greater say on a project than others.
  2. The Codehaus is a place where people are encouraged to get on with code rather than tie their projects up with bureaucracy.
  3. The Codehaus encourages projects to strive for quality and for frequent small releases.
  4. The Codehaus encourages committers to be respectful friends, meet up with each other as often as possible. Face-to-face is superior to email.
  5. The Codehaus stands in favour of diversity (where appropriate) over enforced convergence and homogeneity.
  6. The Codehaus places a high bar on entry for committers. Referral is a common means. A new committer is expected to show strong character elements as well as a talent for code. Maturity and wisdom (possibly in advance of years if a youngster) should be demonstrated.
  7. New committers to an existing project are expected to ease themselves in with small and deferrent commits to start, and greater free-will may be assumed later.
  8. The Codehaus places a high bar on entry for projects. They should be released or near it.
  9. The Codehaus encourages people to be brief in email and to honor internet etiquette. Ten furlongs of text justifying a position is poor form; better would be a (failing) unit test.
  10. In case of disagreement, The Despots are right.