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CODE@HBS Official Homepage


This is our repository for the CODE@HBS open-source website. Check out a demo of our site.

Your first challenge as a member of CODE: add your name, photo and social media links to the "member" section of our open-source website. You must be a dues paying member of CODE for us to approve the pull request.

If you're an experienced developer, jump down to the "challenge accepted" section.

If you're relatively new to coding, come by the next CODE meeting and we can walk through this together. Or if you'd like, try doing this on your own first, and we can do a code review together.

Challenge Accepted

Glad you're onboard. CODE's open-source website uses a static webpage builder called Jekyll. To style the website, we used the {Personal} template theme designed by PanosSakkos. Let's add your details to the CODE site.

First off, you'll need to join the codehbs github organization in order to make any changes to your branch that you'll make of this repository. If you haven't done so, take a second to do that on the previous page and then come back here!

Second, you'll need to have Ruby on your computer. Most macs have an up-to-date version of Ruby on pre-installed. Check your Ruby version (ruby -v) in your terminal. If you don't have Ruby, you'll need to install it.

Once you have Ruby, you'll need to clone the repository to your desktop. After cloning the repo, you'll need to install the Jekyll gem. In your command line enter the following commands:

gem install jekyll

gem install jekyll-paginate

gem install jemoji

This will allow you to run the server for the website on your local machine using the terminal (command line). After intalling jekyll, you'll want to navigate to the cloned repository using the "cd" command in the terminal. Note: once in the repository, you'll want to keep this terminal window open. After cd'ing into the codehbs-official-homepage directory, start the Jekyll server:

jekyll serve

Look for your local server address. Most likely, your Jekyll page will be hosted at localhost:4000/codehbs-official-homepage in your browser.

Embrace good git hygene

To make updates, use your favorite text editor. Many CODE members like Sublime Text, Atom and products from JetBrains. Before updating the code, it's a good practice to always make a feature branch (and it's an especially good practice to do so before submitting a pull request). Good feature branches use the following format:


For example: arc/add-coravos-photo-and-social-links

We drafted for you a sample CODE@HBS git workflow for working on team projects like this.

To add your information, edit the _config.yml file. Add your name and social media links under the "member timeline" section. Due to legacy code, you'll need to add your information in the following format (e.g., use "date" to indicate your name and "description" for your social media links):

image: "/img/timeline/nameofyourphoto.jpg"
date: "Your Name"
description:  <a href=""><i class='fa fa-github'></i></a>

Next, add your photo as a png, jpg, or jpeg file to the img/timeline folder. And that's it! Jekyll will regenerate and add your information. Refresh the page to see your face as our newest member of CODE. When you are happy with the way it looks, you'll want to:

  1. Commit your changes:

    git status (to see the files that were changed)

    git add . (to all all the changed files)

    git commit -m "add your-name-here to site!" (commits to gihub)

    git push origin your-initials/feature-you-are-adding (push to your branch name)

  2. Submit your pull request. This will be a pull request to merge your branch into the master branch. #shipit

We'll merge your changes into the master branch in a few days. After we do the merge, we'll deploy it to Challenge complete. You've been immortalized online.

Come stop by any of our weekly meetings if you get stuck or have questions; no question is too small or stupid, we've all been there!