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A little project to control my bedroom lighting without invasive apps.

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Configuration is done via config.json. This repo includes a config-sample.json file which you can reference to start your own config. Available configurations are listed below:

  • port (int): Port for the light-bubble server to run on
  • host (str): Host for the light-bubble server to listen on
  • theme (str): Your preferred interface for light-bubble. Available themes are:
    • default: A plain and understated theme
    • horizon: Heavily inspired by a slice-of-life game I can't play yet
  • devices (arr of devices): Configurations for individual devices, in order of appearance on the interface

Supported devices and their configurations are listed below

Tuya Outlet Configuration

  • make (str): "tuya"
  • model (str): "outlet"
  • config (obj): Configuration for the Tuya outlet
    • id (str): Unique ID for the device
    • key (str): API key for the device
    • ip (str): IP address of the device
  • title (str): Your name for the device
  • fields (arr of str): Your labels for each outlet on the device

Local Setup

Once your configuration is set, you can start light-bubble on your configured port as follows:

npm start

Docker Setup

First, move config-sample.json to config.json and configure as needed. Build the container, then run it on port 49160 (or whatever port you want):

docker build -t light-bubble .
docker run -p 49160:8080 -d light-bubble


light-bubble can be themed by creating the following files:

  • static/theme-${theme_name}/
    • style.css: stylesheet for the theme
    • icon.png: a 192x192px png for the theme's app icon
    • manifest.webmanifest: a webmanifest customized for the theme

Simply set the theme field in your config.json to the name of your theme, and you're done!


šŸ® A little project to control my bedroom lighting without invasive apps




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