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Campfire Notifier

Most of the time when I want to use the Campfire API, I just want to send it a simple message. So, I created a stupid simple way to send a message to Campfire.

I've include a command line tool as well to make it really easy to use this with low-ish level system tools (i.e. cron).


gem install campfire-notifier


In ~/.campfire_notifier.yml, put your campfire subdomain, the room id (not the name) to which you want to send a message, and your API token, which you can find on your campfire user edit page.

See here for more details:


Nothing! This baby uses gem bundler, so you shouldn't need to install any other gems.

Still, just in case:

  • HTTParty

  • json_pure

Potential Uses

  • Deployment notifications

  • CI Build notifications

  • Git hooks

  • Cron jobs

  • Annoying your co-workers