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Forms Plugin for Wheelhouse CMS

This gem makes it easy to integrate customizable contact forms into your Wheelhouse CMS site. Form submissions are saved in the CMS and may also be emailed to a given address.

The following field types are supported:

  • single-line text
  • text areas
  • select/dropdown box
  • single checkboxes
  • checkbox set
  • radio button set
  • US/Australian states dropdown
  • countries dropdown
  • HTML content
  • custom fields
  • nesting within field sets

Features yet to implement:

  • server-side submission validation
  • CSV exporting of submissions

Installation & Usage

1. Add wheelhouse-forms to your Gemfile:

gem "wheelhouse-forms"

Then run bundle install.

2. Create a new form from the New Page dropdown.

3. Copy the form template from app/templates to your theme templates folder to customize.