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Sample console application that accesses the azure billing ratecard api
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Azure Billing RateCard API Sample

This is a sample C# console application that uses the Azure Billing RateCard API. It reads the data from the API and creates a CSV file out of it.

Please find a mored detailed description at my blog: Export Azure RateCard data to CSV with C# and Billing API


  1. Open and modify the app.config
    • Tenant (required)
    • SubscriptionId (required)
    • OfferDurableId
    • Currency
    • Locale
    • RegionInfo
    • CsvFilePath
    • The other values will be set in the following steps.
  2. Add a new application to active directory:
  3. Add delegated permissions for Windows Azure Service Management
    • App registrations - Settings - Required Permissions - Add - Windows Azure Service Management API
  4. Copy the Application ID and paste it as ClientId in the app.config
    • If you use application authentication, create a new key and copy it to app.config - client secret
  5. Give the user/application at least "Reader" rights for the subscription
    • Subscriptions - your subscriptions - Access control (IAM)
  6. Build and run the application


Check out the troubleshooting section at my blog: or check the troubleshooting section of this sample:

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