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A simple category selection plugin for jquery
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A simple category picker base on jquery


If you find yourself writing the same code over and over again when creating a list of selectable items where the end result is the selected items. The categorypicker jquery plugin is simple easy and follows two principles Keep-It-Simple-Stupid and Principle-Of-Least-Astonishment.

<div id="categorypicker"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function () {
      availableCategories: [{"1", "foo"}, {"2", "bar"}],
      onUpdate: function (selection) { console.log(selection); }

Live Example

There is a live example available on jsFiddle


selectedCategories: a collection of pre-selected categories. (default: [])

availableCategories: the base collection of categories (default: [])

idField: object field to use for id attribute on checkboxes (default: 'id')

valueField: object field to use for value attribute on checkboxes (default: 'name')

displayField: object field used for text on checkboxes (default: valueField)

sortField: object field to use for sorting the checkboxes (default: valueField)

onUpdate: a callback used when the selection changes (default: null)

onInit: a callback used when the selection is set for the first time (default: null)

rootTemplate: the template surrounding the categorypicker. Default:

  <div class="categorypicker"></div>

listTemplate: the template for the list. Default:

  <ul class="list"></ul>

itemTemplate: the template for the items in the list. Default:

  <li class="item"></li>

Knockout.js bindings

A simple categorypicker binding for Knockout.js is included in jquery-categorypicker-ko.js.

<div data-bind="selected, availableCategories: available"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function () {
    var ViewModel = {
      this.available = ko.observableArray([
        {id: "1", value: "Fruit", display: "Fruitz"},
        {id: "2", value: "Vegetables", display: "Veggies"},
        {id: "3", value: "Dairy", display: "Milk and stuff"},
        {id: "4", value: "Meat", display: "Here piggy, piggy!"}
      this.selected = ko.observableArray([]);
    ko.applyBindings(new ViewModel());
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