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Translations for CodeIgniter 4 System Messages

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This project contains translations for CodeIgniter 4 localization, i.e., system/Language/en/.

Copy the folder(s) for the locales you are interested in, from inside the Language folder of this project to your app/Language/ folder.

You may then use the CodeIgniter Language class to reference the translations directly. See the User Guide.

Localization in CodeIgniter 4 follows the ISO 639-1 conventions. Each translation set would go inside a folder named following the two-letter language code from here.

Localization variants are provided for, as folders named with the two-letter ISO 639-1 language code in lowercase, followed by the two-letter ISO 3166 country code capitalized, and with the two parts separated by a hyphen.

An example would be "en" for English, and "en-US" for the variations appropriate to the United States.

Repository Information

Each ICU locale is maintained by a community member, per the table below. The role of maintainers is to provide a single authority for vetting translations for a given language, since the framework team claims no expertise beyond English.

Locale Language As of** Github User Maintainer
ar Arabic 4.0.0 daif Daif Alotaibi
cs Czech 4.0.3 PavelTajdus Pavel Tajduš
de German 4.0.0 sba Stefan Bauer
en English 4.0.0 N/A CI team
es Spanish 4.0.0 nachoaguirre Ignacio Aguirre
fa Farsi 4.0.0 smhnaji Mohammad Naji
fr French 4.0.0 amuratet Amuratet?
id Indonesian 4.0.0 ridho1991 Mutasim Ridlo
it Italian 4.0.0 luk3b8 Luca Rasia
ja Japanese 4.0.3 kenjis Kenji Suzuki
ko Korean 4.0.2 codeigniter-kr codeigniter-kr
lt Lithuanian 4.0.2 dgvirtual Donatas Glodenis
lv Latvian 4.0.3 davislasis Dāvis Lasis
ml Malayalam 4.0.3 rakheshthayyur Rakhesh Thayyur
nl Dutch 4.0.3 JohanSmolders JohanSmolders
no Norwegian 4.0.0 LA3QMA Kai Günter Brandt
pl Polish 4.0.0 DEVELPL Maciej Jasiewicz
pt Portuguese 4.0.0 rbm0407 Rodrigo Borges
pt-BR Brazilian 4.0.0 natanfelles Natan Felles
ru Russian 4.0.0 DigitalWolf98 Vladislav Rykhtikov
si Sinhala 4.0.3 npwsamarasinghe Nalaka Prasad
sk Slovak 4.0.0 xbotkaj Jozef Botka
sv-SE Swedish - Sweden 4.0.3 tangix Mattias Sandström
th Thai 4.1.4 karidoe Anuchit Thiamuan
tr Turkish 4.0.0 obozdag obozdag
uk Ukrainian 4.0.3 flybot Serhii Kosyi
vi Vietnamese 4.0.3 xuandung38 XuanDung38
zh-CN Simple Chinese 4.0.0 bangbangda bangbangda
zh-TW Traditional Chinese 4.0.0 monkenWu monkenWu

**Version where the locale was released. 4.x denotes Unreleased.


These translations are intended for use with CodeIgniter 4.x applications.


Please refer to the Contributing Guide on how to contribute to this repository. Please read on the tests' README on running unit tests.


These translations are licensed under the MIT License.