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MassiveRecord will make you love Massive even more.

If you've used Massive, you know how awesome it is. But you've probably thought "This still seems like a lot more code than I really want to have to write". I was thinking the same thing.


  • Eliminate the need to create a new class for each Massive "Table"
  • Add awesome functionality from ActiveRecord (ex: FindBy... and Reload)
  • Add registration for event hooks: BeforeSave, BeforeDelete
  • Add registration for validation hooks
  • Do all of this in as few lines of code as possible
  • And most importantly, make Massive that much easier and fun to use!

What if you could do something like this:

    var contactsTable = DynamicTable.Create(
                                    "Person.Contact",   // table
                                    "AdventureWorks",   // connectionstring
                                    "ContactID" );      // primarykey

    var contacts = contactsTable.FindByFirstNameAndLastName( "Jay", "Adams" );

Pretty clean, right? Yeah I think so too. But that's not enough. What if we wanted to find a user by Email and MiddleInitial? No worries. MassiveRecord has your back.

    var contacts = contactsTable.FindByEmailAndMiddleInitial( "test@test.com", "G" );

Okay... what if we wanted to have the FirstName capitalized every time we save a contact? Normally we'd have to override the BeforeSave method in our Contacts class. With MassiveRecord it takes 1 line of code:

    DynamicTable.RegisterFilter( FilterType.BeforeSave, "Person.Contact",
                                           user => user.FirstName = user.FirstName.ToUpper() );

Yeah, it's that easy.

What if you wanted to specify a configuration that MassiveRecord should use everytime it creates a specific table? No problem, we even added a nifty mini fluent interface to help you out:

    // in your Global.asax or some other startup class, include this code
    DynamicTable.Configure( c => c.WhenAskedFor("Users").Use( s => {
        s.ConnectionString = "Test";
        s.PrimaryKey = "ContactID";
        s.Table = "Person.Contact";
        s.BeforeSave( user => user.FirstName = user.FirstName.ToUpper() )
         .BeforeSave( user => user.LastName = user.LastName.ToUpper() );

    // in your controller or other class file do the following
    var usersTable = DynamicTable.Create("Users");
    var users = usersTable.FindByEmail("myuser@test.com"); // BOOM!


Just download the MassiveRecord.cs file along with Massive and throw them into your project and you're done!